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'figure grandma' lips dark glasses looks like a star

by:Eugenia     2020-07-15
The May Day holiday to, you are to travel or high over the music festival? Or is the shopping street? No matter how to prepare a pair of sunglasses is essential! Even the octogenarian granny knows, you may not know ~ recently, jiangxi province, the dragon, a group of 'grandma' wearing sunglasses, handsome fashion dress up a bright. This figure, the temperament, who can't! Naughty granny, you can be really cute! Grandma are all old dancing group members, age is 81 years old! Grandma, you are in a cappuccino sound camera? Without the oiled paper umbrella, but is delicate and charming than flowers! Watching this group of lovely 'grandma', what do you think? If feel too low! Fashion sunglasses pick up! But what sunglasses are popular this year? NO this year popular index. 1 sunglasses is the 'let me look in the mirror. ' - — Reflective sunglasses laybourne RB4257 - F 6092/55 / ms sunglasses hawksbill/dazzle colour blue piece of exaggerated coarse frame profile design is the unique design of sunglasses, let face look smaller, dazzling mirror slice can highlight personality more. 不。 2 thin frame sunglasses sunglasses factory S9201 sunglasses for our fleet silver frame/green color film mentioned the sunglasses lenses would make people think of the pilot glasses, classic style, suitable for most of us face. Thin metal frames to streamline clean, fold in different Angle different color lenses, adds a few minutes of colour for the hot summer. Choose the sunglasses look at and how red lip match! Concrete 'the new style of sunglasses with lipstick collocation' never go out of style in the two products, you can be used to match anything. One is the pilot sunglasses, another is nude lipstick. The guy will make you look very harmonious, but inadvertently reveal special feeling. Need to break the summer image as usual? Looking for a strange sense of the future design of sunglasses, mix build a besmear again let you cruel flavour is dye-in-the-wood lipstick, you can also like Katy Perry conspicuous, and remember, hold your head high when walking, don't to look after. January Jones, which make the person feels happy, and particularly interesting color sunglasses can instantly create a summer exclusive modelling. Match again candy color lipstick, such as coral, peach, will make you full of pondering, teamed up with such sunglasses and lipstick, even in summer wear a flavor is no longer a difficulty, casual catch a TEE body, rocks a.
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