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Figure is really like, and see how handsome box sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
Square sunglasses are not as round or oval sunglasses, give a person a kind of literary smell of restoring ancient ways, square sunglasses, more show man's handsome and domineering. Sunglasses ancient classics, the box (upper Also known as the eyebrow box) , under lateral, medial and lateral clear demarcation between the four sides, angular, foil the person's face is very bright, there is a tide of neutral fan! The following picture is truth, see the box sunglasses how handsome! Hold a perfect figure is not lose model, and he was wearing sunglasses, the box in the photo riding motorcycles, very handsome occasionally criteria! 'Black collocation locomotives have added many wild charm! 巩峥 a light blue shirt take a knit unlined upper garment, the picture is very pure and fresh and the sun, wearing a pair of square glasses, added a few minutes handsome and sunshine sunshine boy constitution made everything in a glance. Square sunglasses is not only the male gods favor, also is the goddess of love! Women wearing square glasses handsome did in the boy oh! Zhang Li wearing a white coat with high waist wide-legged pants contracted, proud long legs absorb countless eyes, a pair of simple box sunglasses foil more intellectual and easy temperament, hair by the wind, appear very atmosphere, along with the gender! Korean beauty Jane yan filmed the photo of a group of fashion, a pair of oversized box square sunglasses, fluffy hair appear very natural sex appeal. Warm lips with special cutting but also highlights the handsome and sharp sense of fashion. Recommend a handsome box sunglasses: anta AT8005C2 dark red fashion sunglasses polarizing sunglasses laybourne RB2140 big box - F black box blackish green sheet piece of fashion leisure male big yards sunglasses
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