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Finish see Dong Li wearing dark glasses, do you think of your black sunglasses to wear?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-07
Recently as a dad to go there in the fourth quarter of internship dad Dong Li as well as the national men's fencing athletes, and his 3-year-old daughter we don't don't of, she can fire long legs high level appearance sunshine boy and lovely clever little girl a combination of the collision, unavoidably will not let the audience see more delighted. Recently, a 23-year-old daddy small Dong Li is wearing a pair of dark glasses to the airport to go a circle, the level of appearance is to make the vast majority of Chinese men look at oneself wear dark glasses look like, what is a fortune teller or appearance level emperor? Even when wearing like a fortune teller it doesn't matter, let small make up recommend a few for you black sunglasses, minute minute to improve your grade. But here to enjoy the first Dong Li wearing dark glasses, to let you take a look at your black sunglasses to wear it. Below is for you recommend a few black sunglasses styles. 1, gucci GG1107 / F/S dark glasses; This is a picture of a modern and simple black sunglasses, although look ordinary, but in fact it's very noble and fashionable. Exquisite craft and moderate luster material, plus its leg and at frame connecting it with a silver, let you put on this pair of glasses, what all can't feel vulgar. But the price is worthy of his temperament. Gucci GG1107 / F/S unisex sunglass black 263 wj2 YC3030 black sunglasses, sunglasses factory; Personally think that this pair of dark glasses from glasses sunglasses factory, in the process is in place, on colour at the bottom of the frame to take a little bit of light yellow, coordinated with the whole black frame collocation, there is a feeling of secretly in the modern and luxury. Say this pair of glasses mirror legs, USES the same is the dim yellow, but put on the eyes can very good attention, even if you don't look good to wear, is enough to make the focus of the people in your face to mirror legs, so this pair of dark glasses the greatest success is how to wear will not be there appeared rustic. Put on this pair of dark glasses, of course, is not good. Sunglasses factory YC3030 unisex sunglass C2 black ash/lens ash 3, America OO9313 dark glasses; A pair of dark glasses from the sports brand America, the first sense that whole is recreational motion wind and wind, very cool. This pair of dark glasses lens color and shape is needless to say, a bold personality. Personally think that are good for mirror legs, single look is not brilliant, but by the texture and colour and lustre and lens photograph echo, then only wet, cool. The Cleveland OO9313 man sports sunglasses black 014, ray-ban RB4125F black sunglasses. This pair is from circles holds ray-ban sunglasses black sunglasses, regardless of how cool, this pair of glasses lens leg hit the ray-ban logo is enough to make up your class. In fact this pair of dark glasses is good, the shape of the lenses exaggerated personality, but through the bazoo holds a sectional material of cohesion, immediately the fairly this pair of glasses as a whole, but its look is very tide, personally think that this is a picture of intriguing black sunglasses. Recommended reading: fashion blogger Adam Gallagher deduce avant-garde sunglasses beautiful collocation is more than a few small make up recommend for you black sunglasses, taking conservative style line, but not very have characteristics, these characteristics can let you wear they don't have a bit rustic. And remind is, the style of black sunglasses can buy glasses in sunglasses factory network.
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