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Five beautiful mirror type of star

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Star as a public figure, manners, and the wear street are subject to the attention of people, some people was special to emulate the stars dress collocation to chase fashion trends. Below small make up to you to introduce the star of five beautiful mirror type for everyone to enjoy. 1, is nifty and lovely mirror type: south Korean women's combination crayon members of group A and GeumMi Cho, Way filmed the photo of A group of fashion, round sunglasses show side members is nifty and lovely, leopard sunglasses and snowboarding progresses. Type 2, directness and easy mirror: zhang liangying, dressed in a black shirt, leather and perspective, tie-in white personality jeans, wearing the oval sunglasses along with the gender nature, willfulness. 3, fresh mirror type: zheng rosie wearing cowboy shorts sneakers, tie-in white sunglasses and hats, fresh and simple fashion, riding a bicycle leisure to enjoy the afternoon sun, the deputy white frame sunglasses very mirror. 4, tide restoring ancient ways fan mirror type: wen-juan feng t-shirts and personality camouflage jacket that show hilum tie-in bring out the best in each other, good figure shows, high cold expression collocation camouflage sunglasses more tide restoring ancient ways. 5, lively pure lens type: songyun tan in the sun for healing mix build beautiful photo exposure, nifty and lovely balls first restore ancient ways round sunglasses on collocation, a cool black jacket and fluffy elegant white veil, and lively personality, from time to time and fresh leaves. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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