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Five big mistake understanding of sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
As temperatures rise, many sunglasses begins again, can maintain eyes put on the sunglasses? Although a brief sunglasses, wearing inappropriate, can cause headache, eye pain, fatigue, discomfort, serious can appear even vision loss and eye disease itself. Myth: sun sunglasses can maintain the eyes a lot of people think that wearing sunglasses can maintain eyes, actually otherwise. A qualified sunglasses in addition to block ultraviolet light through, but also can distinguish good traffic signal of the different colors. And shouldn't unqualified sunglasses may be with some dioptre, sighted people wear the sunglasses, equivalent to wear a pair of myopia or hyperopia mirror, cause vision are affected. Other, part of inferior sunglasses is keep out the useful visible light, ultraviolet illuminate is more obvious. Therefore, citizens to regular check-up with organizations to choose and buy sunglasses. Erroneous zone 2: the lens color is deeper, the better prevent ultraviolet light into the eyes, not depend on the concentration of the colour of the lens, but by the resolution of uv absorber in sunglasses materials. If with no uv protection function of the colored glasses, can make the pupil dilation, damage to the eyes. Myth 3: children with sunglasses for children under 6 years of age or visual function is not yet developed sophisticated, if wearing time is too long, fundus macular area relative to can not get effective stimulation, could affect the further development of visual, even form amblyopia. In addition to need to wear sunglasses when the sun fierce, usually try not to let children wear sunglasses for decoration. Myth 4: aged very not wearing sunglasses sunglasses for no eye diseases of the elderly, is a method of active eye especially wearing sunglasses can prevent the senile cataracts, pterygium, etc. , of course, a family history of glaucoma or aged should particularly note that once choosing improper or wearing time is too long, easy to induce eye disease. Mistake 5: eye disease patients go out must wear sunglasses for people with eye problems, must be carefully selected to wear sunglasses, such as cataracts, keratitis and conjunctivitis, retinal detachment, wear sunglasses with maintenance function, especially the simple keratitis patients and patients with dry eye, tears is afraid of light, can use sunglasses to prevent glare. Patients with glaucoma, color blindness, night blindness and other three kinds of special is not appropriate to wear sunglasses, exacerbate existing eye disease.
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