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Five different style sunglasses fashionable stylish men

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Mention sunglasses, people will think of 'cool' 'handsome' word 'fashion', seems it has long been the darling of the fashion. Nowadays, sunglasses are no longer just the shade of the tool, it has been a concave shape tool! Different sunglasses can make different style, but also reveals the different tastes, so what is the distinguishing feature of different styles of sunglasses and what style? 1, yuppie city cat -- — MaoYanJing MaoYanJing originated in the '50 s, paragraphs male not female obviously become warped on the corner, just from the radian of the edge and the end of a frame under the anticipated, is a yuppie. This style of sunglasses in some small SAO gas, so the color must be high, can you not remorse. Black, dark brown, coffee color, desert yellow, amber, purple, indigo blue ink is good, but absolutely can't be a beauty! To high-end beauty are not suitable for composed of men, it is only suitable for tender meat jump rebellious younger men. The cat's eye sunglasses is the fighter jet in the joker, what people can wear them any occasion what to wear clothes! Just want to choose color according to need. 2, the ancestor of sunglasses hard JunFeng - — The inventor of the frog mirror sunglasses already impossible, but it is at the beginning of professional eyecare appliance. After, and the practical and fashion are integrated together ray-ban air wire frame, the oval round type drop below lens. Since then really appeared now, in the sense of sunglasses, also began to appear the word Sunglass. So, Sunglass is frog mirror (early The pilot sunglasses) The exclusive. Some a little frog mirror with military uniform elements of clothing is set to 3, hippie soul - — Grandma mirror film and television literary works give us a impression - — She was sitting in a rocking chair, legs draped printing blanket, knee or weaving live, with a book she wore a wafer Jin Sibian presbyopic glasses, at the window quietly sat in a picture. And grandma hippie sunglasses restoring ancient ways is evolved from the grandmother's reading glasses, dark circle lenses reveal the rebellious personality, expand wider frame also highlighted some sharp turn temperament. 4, born a mamma fashion scholars - — Half framed box drawing lenses for myopia is deeper, the reason is very simple, is the light! This has caused an intuitive impression, this kind of glasses looks very educated! Half frame sunglasses has kept the quality of the glasses, sven rich academic temperament, but also has a lively sense of fashion. There are more changes on the color of the frame, with deep dark brown lens and gold wire drawing for classic. This kind of sunglasses lens size wants moderate, too big or too small will make you look stiff. This kind of sunglasses is joker, it does not pick clothes, but slightly to pick one. It doesn't suit fauvism, bodybuilder and then give it up, the effect of it on your face, is the underworld pretend to go to university. 5, high-handed, President - — Box ray-ban lens RB2140 - F black box blackish green sheet piece of fashion leisure male sunglasses here big yards 'box' is not a rectangle, but relative to rectangular, and big sunglasses lenses. Such glasses can give a person a sense of hale and hearty, slightly hard edges will faint give spell able temperament of the strong, dominating the President's taste. This kind of sunglasses is not suitable for the leisure clothing, the feeling is neither fish nor fowl. Suit or business casual class is able to match sunglasses temperament, also can better interpretation 'bullying President' Feel! Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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