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Five skills to help you get rid of four eyes sister title

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
How to make up to make their eyes across the glass can be power on? Many myopic MM have confused don't know where eye makeup on. Small make up right now to share with you some special skills, let you get rid of the title of 'four eyes sister', female do meimei glasses. Skills: makeup to clean! Additional content for the frame and lenses increased facial, therefore our eye makeup to build must be relatively is given priority to with concise and simple. Whether you're a single-edged eyelid or double-fold eyelid, increase the secret of the eyes is slightly thick eyeliner and thick coils become warped eyelash. Here recommend try liquid eyeliner or lead soft, look line starting from the eyelash root, the appearance of the painted on deep partial thick lines can make eyes widened, and due to the effect of reflective of the lens, it will be weakened eyeliner after painting. Eye shadow skills 2: adopt fastens with color in the color of choice, is to choose the same color, too rich eye shadow color will weaken the eye image. And remember, don't choose the pale pinkish purple, shallow purple, pale pink, pale blue eye shadow, because they are convex feeling can accentuate the eye. In general coffee, bead light brown is a safe choice. At the time of makeup, can place on the edge of the upper eyelid with deep coffee eye shadow, and then gradually transition to the eyebrow, then is to use the same color eye shadow, from deep to shallow changes to increase the eyes, the effect is very good! Three skills: key block defect to detailed picture frame has eyes let your eyes become the focus, so meticulous eye concealer little of course not. Especially black rim of the eye concealer is particularly important, it's light brown. Black rim of the eye should be in yellow, cyan and black rim of the eye should use the orange block defect. Take cover great coverage on the black rim of the eye is not enough, should according to different types of black rim of the eye, select the matching block defect color, color and color mixing, can cover the black rim of the eye. Four skills: must use eyelash curler! Eyelash curler is a magic weapon that myopia beauty is used to increase the eyes, so to speak. Before the mascara, please remember must use eyelash clip first, starting from the root ministry of eyelash clip. Mascara with 'Z' form in the root ministry of eyelash transverse repeatedly daub, and then gently brush the eyelash, can make the root is more dense. At the same time, in order to increase the radian of roll become warped eyelash besmear eyelash clip once before, after besmear eyelash clip again, like this you will make your eyelash volumes. But it is important to note that if your eyelash is very long, is likely to be encountered after besmear eyelash fluid easily run into the lens, can make the line of sight fuzzy situation, so want to choose according to own situation. Skills 5: eyelashes without too much modification for eyelashes, eyelashes don't need too much decoration. If have been on line, it is recommended that the unfavorable reoccupy black mascara, it will make the eye appears too heavy. Generally choose brown is more appropriate, because it can give a person a kind of graceful and restrained tender impression. To eyelash on eyelash creams, remember comb clean, or if the remaining small point or agglomerate, would be the lens amplification, will affect the appearance.
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