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Five tips to distinguish true and false of ray-ban sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-22
Ray-ban ( 雷- Ban) Is developed by the us air force to entrust bausch a pilot special goggles, to absorb most of the sunlight, minimum heat emission, is famous for its good clear vision. Ray-ban sunglasses are now become a fashionable products, and is popular all over the world. But, as household ray-ban glasses, its imitation goods is also more and more, and means of imitation is constantly updated, how to distinguish true and false of ray-ban glasses became widely concern. Small make up today is to teach you five tips to distinguish true and false of ray-ban sunglasses. Ray-ban RB3016 unisex sunglass W03661. See packaging quality goods ray-ban sunglasses replicas in one of the biggest differences reflected in bar and the label on the package. Quality goods packaging for the 'three-step' bar code, bar code and has authorized tags; Quality goods packaging label is exist independently, rather than the real thing label will be hung on the eye, and the size is not unified. Authentic glasses cloth material are better look at the same time, the above logo logo is clear. And replicas of the glasses cloth in small size, and quality of a material to the touch is rough, in contrast the words logo is larger than the real thing. 2. See price/LOGO authentic ray-ban sunglasses price in one thousand yuan of above commonly, the top corner on the right side of the lens bearing & quot; 雷- 禁止“ The ray-ban logo, and printed in circle shape. The right side of the authentic ray-ban glasses lens also bearing & quot; RB” The ray-ban logo ( A chip except the lens) 。 If is plastic frame glasses, around its leg medial IN white or black ray-ban logo printing, as well as the processing factory code and identification of origin, such as MADE IN XXX. And fake ray ban both frame and lenses LOGO printed LOGO will not so full, so full specification. Ray-ban sunglasses RB3537 men 004/55 gun/dazzle colour blue 3. Work from work to watch to see whether the pile head first, quality goods pile head cutting edge is very bright and clean. Secondly depends on the welding parts, welding parts of the authentic glasses tidy uniform, looks very delicate, bright and clean, smooth, basically can't see the welding points, whereas replicas welding parts of the glasses are very rough. In addition, in order to reduce the scratches, ray-ban glasses around screw in the screw and ring clasp with glue. 4. The metal frame of the lettering authentic ray-ban sunglasses on the frame of the lettering should be determined by the precision mold milling pressure, which USES a magnifying glass, no rough feel. And concave carved replicas is relatively coarse, the depth of the concave carved also two-tone, the overall lack of delicate feeling. 5. The metal stents with quality goods ray-ban sunglasses metal stents welding parts joint welding is bright and clean, neat, smooth, well-balanced. And counterfeit sunglasses welding work often can not reach the requirements, careful observation will find welds is not symmetrical, or solder joint rough situation. Ray-ban sunglasses RB3541 men g 003/8 silver/grey ray-ban sunglasses founded in the 30 s, it has to do with the Harley, ZIPPO lighters as a symbol of American culture. The meaning of 'Ray' is light, the meaning of 'Ban' is blocked. As a high-end glasses the industry leader, ray-ban glasses to deduce the legend in 86, ray-ban glasses represent unchanged persistence and freedom, has been favored by the majority of consumers for years. Classic fashion designs and high quality material to become the characteristics of the ray ban glasses, relying on the perfect of human body engineering design, make you more comfortable to wear. So the glasses, if you have a special liking to ray-ban sunglasses, must be familiar with several tips to distinguish ray-ban sunglasses.
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