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'Flowers and juvenile' xu sun glasses to play the female model

by:Eugenia     2020-08-26
Guide language: 'flowers and juvenile' another 'flowers' xu in the accompanying notes also has a dress watch, with small make up to look at a few period of this firepower! Xu for their fashion wear idea, is a rare high street fashion brand with quality brand mix drip. Xu the whole dress up is too good-looking. Round glasses very tide, glass frame light hand in photograph reflect with dust coat collar. Black the collocation with the color of camel's hair is plain but absolutely do not break. This blue elegant taste too strong. Match short boots is also very well. Match round box for women sunglasses, flavour is unique feeling, all show big style! Xu wear the glasses to people feel very fastidious, the metal frames have qualitative feeling very feeling to the person. Black and white printing scarf also don't like the LOGO of levity, so reading gives people a feeling of restoring ancient ways of literature and art flavor is very thick. Images from the phoenix fashion, if you want to delete please contact
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