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Four creating glasses look perfect

by:Eugenia     2020-07-28
Glasses has become one of the popular accessories, now we can see each big brand every year on the show of 'glasses' model. Models even wore glasses, eyes still charm is taken! No matter you are the favorite glasses Look, or had to wear glasses because of myopia, should not ignore the importance of eye makeup! As the glasses are the you how to create your own glasses makeup look? What should pay attention to the place? Today with editor from past years show inspiration, look at how professional makeup artist creating glasses of makeup look perfect! Fendi ( Fendi) Spring/summer 2013 shows a makeup skills: camber to up slightly stretch camber is eye makeup is the first step to success, according to the shape of the glasses picked up slightly. Whatever the camber, eyebrow peak must be to rise and slightly above the edge of the glass frame on, show that the requirements of the energy is the key point. Mark of marc jacobs ( 马克马克·雅可布) Spring/summer 2013 show makeup skills 2: slightly thick eyeliner is good because the frame and lenses increased face additional content, so our eye makeup to build must be relative to give priority to with concise and simple. Whether you're a single-edged eyelid or double-fold eyelid, increase the secret of the eyes is slightly thick eyeliner and thick coils become warped eyelash. Editing Suggestions here we might as well try liquid eyeliner or lead soft, look line starting from the eyelash root, the appearance of the painted on deep partial thick lines can make eyes widened, and due to the effect of reflective of the lens, it will be weakened eyeliner after painting. Maxmara ( Max Mara) Autumn/winter 2012 shows three: makeup skills must use eyelash clip eyelash clip is a magic weapon that myopia beauty is used to increase the eyes, so to speak. Before the mascara, please remember must use eyelash clip first, starting from the root ministry of eyelash clip. Mascara with 'Z' form in the root ministry of eyelash transverse repeatedly daub, and then gently brush the eyelash, can make the root is more dense. At the same time, in order to increase the radian of roll become warped eyelash besmear eyelash clip once before, after besmear eyelash clip again, like this you will make your eyelash volumes. But it is important to note that if your eyelash is very long, is likely to be encountered after besmear eyelash fluid easily run into the lens, can make the line of sight fuzzy situation, so want to choose according to own situation. Prada ( Prada) Spring/summer 2013 shows makeup skills on four: eye shadow love fastens with color in terms of eye shadow colour choice, is to choose the same color, too rich eye shadow color will weaken the eye image. And remember, don't choose the pale pinkish purple, shallow purple, pale pink, pale blue eye shadow, because they are convex feeling can accentuate the eye. In general coffee, bead light brown is a safe choice. At the time of makeup, can place on the edge of the upper eyelid with deep coffee eye shadow, and then gradually transition to the eyebrow, then is to use the same color eye shadow, from deep to shallow changes to increase the eyes, the effect is very good!
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