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'Four eyes spinach sister' absent so winning qiao en why keep glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
Seen hit 'do not leave since youth' colleagues will be found that the inside of the absent so winning qiao en star 'younger sister' four eyes spinach week hui has always been a pair of thick glasses covered face. Thick round glasses make her look dull, some, some silly, but also some simple good. But if you will surely find week hui always carefully glasses, is this why? Actually a pair of good glasses, the choice of the frame is very important, if the bridge of the nose is not high, choose the frame and heavier, glasses is easy to fall. From a larger round glasses, and the lens is very thick lead to the weight of the glasses as a whole is very big, plus her glasses bazoo holds, so it's easy to slide. CK 5415 unisex eyeglass frame 045 black if you want to prevent glasses fell convenient and direct way is to choose a pair of light has a nose of glasses. Nose can play the role of supporting glasses, to reduce part weight, wear up will be a little bit more comfortable. Below a few glasses of weight is very light, but very classic fashion style, like can choose to glasses sunglasses factory network, various styles, all kinds of material.
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