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Four glasses make you get rid of nerdy image pilot spring and summer fashion

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
In April, in this let a person not fashionable girls sensitivity may be entered into a state of dottiness. What should be how to dress yourself this year? We can move back and forth in each big market feel the heat of the white shirt a word, feeling wide-legged pants flares of crazy, but this is everybody is doing, how can you chase? Fashion week, although in the past almost a month, but in the essence of fashion week fashion to our fashion tips is far more than just one or two clothes so simple. Want to be in fashion week out of a belong to his own way, the essence of fashion would have given up the queen high cold style sunglasses, and quietly in the bridge of the nose on a pair of big and a little exaggerated frame glasses, effortlessly created once fashionable! Want to plain yan street, look also te fashionable? Simple, wear the spring and summer fashion glasses. Metal frame VS female outstanding student many years ago, a lot of people for the first pair of glasses is metal frame glasses, but due to the resin frames to fry, metal frames fade out people's field of vision gradually. Today, the essence of fashion with exaggerated picture frame, with the metal frame back into people's horizons, to create the look very Nerdy but actually very cute style. Change a lot of people think at the beginning but not fashionable metal picture frame, there is another factor is the metal frame as weight, will cause certain pressure to the bridge of the nose. But today you don't have to worry about this problem. Slim frame is an important factor of modern today, no compression of the bridge of the nose. Wear glasses, not only the domineering oppressive feeling vanished into thin air, feeling empty and instant results are excellent students. Every female students better, after all, is a darling female appearance. Recommend item: reeves LS05151C2 gun color men and women with all black frame glasses with metal alloy double modern degree if in a pile of four eyes sister, it is not difficult to find that the black frame is the choice of most of the girls. Don't pick clothes after all black joker, color and does not have strong impact. But it is easy to dull. Is a nerd, you don't become dull. Can actually choose good style, as well as modern degree MAO into outer space. Speak truth, wear a watch the s don't to see the time, in the same way, wear glasses does not necessarily to learn in class. Walking in the street, wear a pair of black frame glasses, whether you are a short skirt controlled or leather, can wear different from others. Love in the spring, certainly has not been spared from her colorful. Black frame in marca dragon color skirt appear under the ornament of the whole people have special spirit. Black frame and white fastens clothing collocation, relaxed, high-end fashion collocation is tempered. Such students breath breaks the workplace beauty heart? Isn't there a mature fashionable 'nerd'? There are many people worry that the aura of a strong woman wears a pair of black frame glasses will become cold wind, don't need to worry about. Workplace that an outfit with a pair of black frame glasses seem you mature, yet is nifty and lovely. Recommend item: ports POF13502 unisex eyeglass frame BK black tortoise brown hair color picture frame and fire those thing fashionable those fashion bloggers, favorite or brown frame. After all brown frame and their hair color and skin color is very match. The thought of Asian hair, you may be disappointed, but honey color hair color so popular now, and how many girls still keep black hair? So, brown hair color is the collocation of girls have an advantage, with bloggers choose picture frame for it! Item again good also to match to. This brown department of glass frame and the collocation of no special requirements, your dress, skirt, so long as you don't so wacky can finish do a seemingly nerd actually very cute LOOK. Don't like the sunglasses but don't like the colorless transparent lens again, try the dark brown lenses. Gestures reveal the mysterious, like a proud cat, it seems to do a proud bookworm also good. Worry about brown glass frame can only add brown hair color is no necessary. Bleached white gold, brown glass frame collocation, it seems like a student is not very good. Recommend item CK CK5868 unisex eyeglass frame 214 hawksbill high grade dazzle colour picture frame metal frame collocation, black frame load plus the brown frame to realize the trio of glasses industry. But big BOSS how to belong to a group? Even pretend to be a nerd, bloggers also should make a high-profile nerd. Colorful frame there is no doubt that the modern degree of opening to the UP, the color of the SAO gas can certainly let you become the focus of this spring. Ms recommend item CK CK5906A glass frame 480 purple
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