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Four kinds of sunglasses worn improperly may cause symptoms

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
Sunglasses while you can put sunscreen, play handsome cool, but the unreasonable wear sunglasses also can cause a lot of damage to our eyes, such as to cause visual fatigue, retinal diseases, etc. , so we should reasonable wear sunglasses, together we look at the below sunglasses worn improperly may cause symptoms of 4 kinds of! 1. Can cause visual fatigue surface is not smooth, color uneven inferior sunglasses can easily cause visual fatigue. Others regardless of time and place, no matter the light strong or weak, even in films and TV also wearing sunglasses. Do this increase burden of eye, eye muscle caused by complexity and can't long wait for a symptom. Ms sunglasses factory YC9702 sunglasses C3 black/lens dazzle colour blue 2. Can cause more sunglasses syndrome with the sunglasses syndrome in the fashionable young people, they're loved edge width, thickness, weight heavy large frame sunglasses. This kind of glasses for 1 ~ 2 weeks, can appear Dai Jingzhe eyes or part between two cheek numbness, perception of slow wait for a symptom, have nasal breathing discomfort feeling, like had a cold. There are those who feel like there's little bugs crawling on the face, upper gum numb, front teeth feel discomfort, eyes acid bilges. Feeling of this is due to the person's face is mainly dominated by trigeminal nerve, trigeminal nerve is under the orbit of the edge of the eye socket hole under the orbit of wear out, thick, wide edge, weight heavy sunglasses often oppression under the orbital branch of trigeminal nerve, thus causing the symptoms. 3. Can cause retinal diseases into the earth's surface in the sun all 5% of uv light, ultraviolet light skin, the eye is harm to human body. The wavelength UV - between 280 and 320 microns B ultraviolet light can cause skin cancer, wavelength UV - between 320 and 380 microns C ultraviolet ray can make people easy to cataracts and retinal burn. If with no uv protection function of sunglasses, more dangerous than not wearing sunglasses. Because, the human body have self-protection instincts, eyes in case of strong light, the pupil will naturally become smaller, cut into the eyes of uv energy, once put on unqualified color dark sunglasses, can make the pupil dilation, plus glasses not isolate uv role, then the eye is equal to the portal is big, the invasion of uv energy is greatly increased, the harm of the lens and retina. Sunglasses factory YC9705 general sunglasses C7 white/dazzle colour purple 4. May induce acute glaucoma because after wearing sunglasses, reduction of visible light entering the eye, the pupil will naturally open big, cause the narrow anterior chamber Angle, causing the aqueous humor drainage poorly, time grew, easy to induce acute angle-closure glaucoma. Patients can appear the systemic symptom such as envy, vomiting. So the patients with glaucoma or has a tendency to glaucoma ( Family history) People should not be wearing sunglasses. Relevant article recommended: ( There are links) What are the advantages of wear polarized sunglasses what color sunglasses will good for your eyes you really choose outdoor sports sunglasses?
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