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Four methods, teach you how to discern between true and false sun polariscope

by:Eugenia     2020-07-23
Strong ultraviolet light is invisible killer of mankind, polarizer is born for it, for uv blocking rate reached 99%, and the blocking rate of common dyeing lens is quite low. Polarizer is will the sun glare, scattered light and refracted light filter, absorbs the reflection of the object itself, only to show real can see objects, allows the rider to improve vision, reduce fatigue, increase the color saturation, field of vision is more clear, beautiful, eye. On market and expand along with the development of the polarizer, there have been many shoddy: undesirable businessman with ordinary sunglasses as polarized sunglasses. How to identify polarizer of true and false? Here are four ways, for all to use. Recommended reading: there are light dazzling sunglasses? To see the polarizer and the difference between ordinary sunglasses a find a liquid crystal display, experimental identification method, the levels of glasses on the screen, lens did not change at this moment, and then clockwise the glasses up to 45 ° Angle, see the lens color is darker, then turn back to normal again, this is polarized lens, if there is no change, no matter how the rotation is not polarized. ( Attention must be liquid crystal display) Second, find authentic polarizing sunglasses a cross identification method, and then your sunglasses and regular polarized sunglasses sideways cross placed, now from the cross section is in the eyes to see objects should be clear. A transverse vertical cross, then glasses right now from the cross parts should see the opposite object. Three, tools, test method of polarizer is important to distinguish between good and bad in: if passed appraisal UV400. Looking for a uv yanchao lights, a one hundred - yuan RMB. Yanchao lights across the sunglasses illuminate the yuan directly to the above, if you can see the uv anti-counterfeiting, one hundred yuan is not polarized lenses, because lenses with UV400 functions, can be completely cut off ultraviolet rays, anti-counterfeiting are invisible. Four, mobile phones, test the above three methods may need to be difficult to obtain the auxiliary validation tool, and as long as the mobile phone test using our mobile phone can easily solve: first, choose a picture of a color from the phone, open the frames and the sunglasses lenses on the mobile phone screen rotation slowly, look at the phone's screen through the lens, if sunglasses are polariscope will find inside the phone's screen, if it is ordinary sunglasses will not appear light. A mobile phone, can let you easily discern between true and false sun polarizer, come and give it a try.
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