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Four of the most popular sun glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-09-01
We choose sunglasses but watch style, the lens color and we will consider one of the important factors, we all know that the color of the sun glasses not only represents the fashion good-looking, also symbolizes a different function. Today we'll talk about four of the most popular on the market the sun glasses. 1. Yellow lenses: god qing Ming agent, filtering, 100% of the ultraviolet (uv) new sunglasses factory polarizing sunglasses for men and women with the tide of myopia sunglasses type clamping piece 320 100% yellow sun lens can filter ultraviolet ray, allow 83% of infrared and visible light to penetrate the lens. The biggest characteristic is that it can filter the sun most of the anti blue light. Sunlight through the atmosphere, most of blue light, which is why you see the sky is blue. Yellow lenses after filtering blu-ray, nature scene we can see more clearly. So wearing a yellow lens sunglasses when driving, you can look more clearly. Recommended reading: how to judge whether sunglasses qualification 2. Green lens: comfortable, sedative, filtering 99% uv sunglasses factory YC3025 sunglasses for our fleet fashionable silver box green piece/big yards green lens and grey lens, can filter infrared light, also can filter 99% uv. But some landscape green lens can change color, the effect of blocking the light also slightly less grey lens. Fortunately, green is the natural tranquilizer, can make the mood of those around you. If you want to do a 'caring ambassador', might as well put on green lens sunglasses, let the multifarious noise around is quiet because of you. 3. Grey lens: shading color agent, filtering 98% uv sunglasses factory YC9706 unisex sunglass C1 bright black/grey lens sunglasses almost equal amount of each color in sunlight filtering, but also can filter the infrared and 98% of the ultraviolet light. Wearing grey lens sunglasses, scenery the original color will not change by the lens, can maximum limit keep out light. In hot Malaysia, grey lens more by local experts praised as 'the most comfortable sunglasses. Outdoor activities during the summer, wear grey lens sunglasses, not only effectively, shading, also can see the beauty of the most primary colors. Recommended reading: sunglasses material, how to choose 4 colors. Pink lens: strong self-confidence agent, filtering 95% of uv light pink lens sunglasses, can filter 95% of ultraviolet (uv) and some of the shorter wavelength of visible light. In fact, the pink lens with general not tinted lenses, almost no protective effect is better than general lens. But psychology research found that 65% of women wear pink lens sunglasses, ZiXinDu Gao Yicheng half than usual. Pink sunglasses are purely your mental placebo, can be in the mood annoyed or ultraviolet light not how strong rainy day wear. The above four kind of sun glasses is very popular this year, if you still want to know more information on the sun glasses, can see further to glasses sunglasses factory network.
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