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Four star to teach you how to wear sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-02
Despite the recent flood in many places, but the weather in hangzhou is still hot breath, the sun is in the company. In the morning whether to drive or ride at work, don't wear glasses eyesight whiting really. But sunglasses collocation also has rules, can be really like wearing the wrong sunglasses bing! In order to make you grow handsome, fashion, small make up lists four male to teach you how to wear sunglasses. First Zac Efron: square face, long face is more suitable for round box for, Zac Efron, everyone not unfamiliar, high school musical, 歌舞青春) Famous zack, limit is a muscular physique, plus he is a typical side face, so a square face, more need to match the round sunglasses, not only can modify the face, also more in line with the facial structure, more show fashion sense. The second Leonardo Dicaprio, chubby face cream with circle box easy for us to get the Oscar winner after all small plum Leonardo Dicaprio, Oscar award terrier has passed, now its biggest terrier is the overstaffed posture. Fat round face, with less obvious chin, let whole face more round, this time he is very clever choose the sunglasses and the box Angle design, not only can let the face look longer and thinner narrow, also let him appear less fat, but I still want to say: small plum, never condescend! But have you ever spend! ! Third Tom Hiddleston: oval avoid slender frame Tom Hiddleston in same sunglasses shake sen recently is became the focus of the world, as to why? Just love sparkles between with Taylor Swift, not only that! Combination of the both legs, two people are as yao's daughter, slender legs with the goose's egg face, let shake, have man's nickname, also no wonder Taylor will love him. Although the oval is called joker face, cooperate with any framework can is very good-looking, but! Or try to avoid long and thin frame, because the slender frame will face more long, formed a strange feeling. Fourth Taylor Lautner: inverted triangular face with big glasses Taylor Lautner sunglasses and Taylor Lautner notoriously remove heavy body, the pointed chin with zygomatic formation of inverted triangular face more let countless people position. Handsome features match nabla face let lautner sunglasses more handsome. Broad forehead and cheekbones problem can use the big glasses of the cover, can not only cover shortcomings, also can show the lower part of the nabla, more show delicate face.
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