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Four troubles for glasses wearers_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-25
Ginza Myopia Hospital, a hospital specializing in vision correction surgery, commissioned a marketing company to conduct a questionnaire survey on the topic 'About the inconvenience of wearing glasses or contact lenses.' The survey results show that almost all glasses wearers have felt 'trouble' at work and in life. Do you have the same feeling among the four major troubles of glasses wearers summarized below? First place: When taking a bath (70%), if you wear glasses, the lenses will be covered with a layer of fog, If you don't wear glasses, you won't be able to see clearly...and you will struggle whether to wear them or not. Especially when you are at a travel destination, you are unfamiliar with the environment of a bathroom or a large hot spring, and you want to see the beautiful scenery around the open-air bath or hot spring. 70% of spectacle wearers feel inconvenience when bathing. Second place: When exercising (64%), when exercising, the glasses slide down, and the lenses are blurred by sweat and body heat... Therefore, many people deliberately put on contact lenses when exercising . There are also many glasses brands that have launched sports glasses specially worn during exercise, which can effectively prevent the problem of glasses shifting. Third place: When wearing a mask or helmet (53%) When wearing a mask, the first trouble is that the temples of the glasses will overlap with the rope that the mask covers on the ears, increasing the burden on the ears. The second trouble is that the hot air coming out of the crevices on either side of the nose can fog the lenses. There is also often a large lens on the helmet, which sometimes collides with the glasses, which is a little troublesome. No. 4: When going to the beach or swimming pool (52%), it is impossible to swim with glasses. Without glasses, you can't see clearly, and you don't know where to put them when you take them off. The best way is to wear them. Swimming goggles with degrees?
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