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Fragile sunglasses how should maintain

by:Eugenia     2020-07-15
Qian wan selecting sunglasses is temperamental, lack of correct maintenance method expensive glasses also can become short life again! Did you protect your sunglasses? Maintenance to be about equal to the glasses sunglasses. If lenses have blotch, grease, or fingerprint, special accessories available in soft cotton cloth or special lens paper to remove the dust on the lens or dirt. After wiping, should also often use the lens cleaner to clean. Don't use nail to remove the lens on the spot. There are grains of sand on the lens, please rinse with water, then dry with glasses cloth or paper. Itemized below a few experience, hope useful for everyone: 1. Please grasped the pick glasses mirror feet, are facing off, one hand pick glasses, easy to cause deformation, loose phenomenon. 2. When not to use wipe cloth good lens, the lens facing up and placed in a special bag, take precautions against the lens and frames scratched by hard objects. 3. Picture frame or lens stained with dust and sweat, grease, cosmetics, etc. Please use neutral detergent with warm water cleaning, reoccupy soft cloth blot. 4. It is prohibited to touch water for a long time, bubble water and placed in a fixed place by sun exposure; For a long time in current, metal edge is prohibited. 5. When you receive the mirror folding mirror on the left foot first, please. 6. Frames distortion, sagging, reuse, will cause the lens sharpness affected, please adjust speed to the store for free. 7. Plank sunglass use after a period of time may be a bit out of shape, this is normal phenomenon. Can be adjusted to store hold. 8. Photosensitive BianSeJing please don't put aside for a long time in direct light, otherwise it will decrease the time of the color changing effect, but if a photosensitive discoloration due to long-term wear failure will not change the polarization effect gradually, PLS feel free to use. Matters needing attention while driving will sunglasses on the dashboard position is not correct, in hot weather, if the sunglasses litter in the car dashboard, sunglasses may heat deformation, especially the plate frame sunglasses are almost no heat. The sun frame on the top of the head is not correct, so it is easy to be bad. Glasses should be careful, do not wear glasses to be placed when folded, and the mirror face up. Many people will not bother to put glasses boxes, glasses and put it in the bag or pocket inside, so it is easy to make lenses were keys or comb the edges and corners of things such as scratch, cannot treat STH lightly.
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