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Frederikke Sofie interpretation Jin Sibian glasses fashion smart wind

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
The Danish model Frederikke Sofie is Celine qiu dong advertising faces, and in the new Zara stunning performance in the spring and summer advertising. But she Jin Sibian glasses, a pair of clever on street snap but more impressed people, to flip her street snap together meet the hemp bean couple! I do not know from when to begin, Frederikke Sofie started wearing old-fashioned Jin Sibian glasses appeared in the show, with its concise and neutral dress, give one share smart. Under the guidance of our Gucci in recent seasons, bespectacled 'nerd' also gradually become a popular girl. Although Frederikke Sofie walk not Gucci Girl route, but enough to make her stand out in a all the models, become the rare street snap of hemp beans with glasses!
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