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Free and easy with fashion girlies Valentina Di Pinto match glasses highlights

by:Eugenia     2020-07-31
Valentina Di Pinto is the Italian version of the fashionable Glamour magazine editor and stylist, she can match various item into a whole set of perfect LOOK, her favorite item is the architectural style pants and high heels, all kinds of design, of course, not all kinds of glasses. Valentina has never made a secret for the love of cheap high street brand. Her advocacy of ordinary can afford fashion, and not advocating high above the luxury brand. She is always with a shaggy head short curly hair, high nose bridge on always wear a pair of glasses or sunglasses, full of flavour restoring ancient ways. Usually have ye ye no expression on his face, but may from time to time is like a little girl's shy smile, along with the gender is free and easy fashion that fit with small make up together to enjoy the match glasses ~ Valentina restoring ancient ways collocation and bright collocation is her good heart, it is easy to find, Valentina although very like to wear sunglasses, but basically sunglasses styles will not vary too much, just in terms of detail and color changed slightly, and she prefers is partial soft box sunglasses, top of the glasses is flat, just below the line is soft. Such glasses suits Valentina face longer people wear so, Valentina is wide forehead, wearing dark glasses can reduce visual perception. Square sunglasses recommendation: sunglasses factory ms YC9702 sunglasses C3 black/lens dazzle colour blue Valentina also hot love glasses, in the absence of sunglasses to decorate, she will wear different glasses for decoration. Basically are also big box type square frames, look more along with the gender is tinged with a little. Big glasses recommendation: sunglasses factory fashion plate alloy ms leisure full box code myopia glasses FB5028C05 shallow hawksbill
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