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Friend, come to a pair of sunglasses!

by:Eugenia     2020-07-27
Sunglasses may all have, but every year the trend will be different. If you really don't know where is the popularity of sunglasses this summer, the street snap's got talent for it. Enthusiastic and lively yellow, brown, the bright-coloured color such as mysterious turquoise lenses, changed the face of the traditional sunglasses conservative, itself less accessories have more reason to hurt a man, even if only for tide blasting is worth this summer! Plating color sunglasses also some people called 'photographic lenses', refers to add some chemicals on the lens, let originally colorless lens, meets the glare, becomes colored lenses, can prevent the strong light reflection, can let you to see in bright light things without interference, and more clear. Selecting plating color sunglasses, the lens color should be as one of the clothing color is the same or big contrast, visual look more harmonious. But always think of flies, dragonflies insects such as conservatives quietly away, please. Sunglasses general is on the lens coated with a layer of coating film mercury, shades, see you need the degree of shading. Plating color sunglasses lens color is light color and gradual effect is clear, it is easy to see the color of the things, mirror luster, look very comfortable, unlike general mercury fainter. Especially after plating mercury piece rate remains unchanged or slightly change the original perspective 1 - 2%, reduce the reflection and increase comfort. If the bad quality of mercury perspective rate can be decreased obviously, glare, cause the wearer from after you can see my eyes. Ray-ban lenses sunglasses recommend that RB3537 001/2 y men sunglasses laybourne RB2447 - gold/dazzle colour powder F men sunglasses 901/4 j black/dazzle colour green piece
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