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Frog mirror fashion halo has never faded

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
Frog mirror is a kind of sunglasses, because the lens is large, light color, put on the face of the person like a toad's two big eyes, so called the frog mirror. In the early 80 s, frog mirror is very popular, almost is indispensable for modern young people. After so many years, the vogue of frog mirror ring has never faded, it still is the love of people's mind, especially those stars. Frog mirror can covering most of the face, it's convenient for star travel, and it is light and color is diversiform, heaviness and offset the original metal picture frame, give a person a kind of very handsome, contracted temperament, so the stars all love him. Feier li walking the streets of Seoul, don't forget to pair of fashionable frog mirror reveals the temperament of pure and fresh and sweet. Sky blue lenses give a person a kind of pure and deep feeling, deserve to go up white frames appear very fashionable atmosphere, a new frog mirror can let you god of beauty! In addition to the pure and fresh and profound frog mirror, feier li also like simple bright dazzle colour shades! Look, a nifty permeance mirror type is dressed up, wearing a classic dazzle colour frog mirror, dressed in green printing shirt, tie-in jeans wide-legged pants, modelling frankness is dye-in-the-wood. Frog mirror are the fans of the small make up a sentence or two or a two articles can be introduced. Goddess song jia also bask in a few days ago on holiday at the seaside photos, seaside holiday without sunglasses, of course, as to what sunglass, please look at picture! Her whole body cool and refreshing dress in the photo wears a contracted frog mirror, show sweet shoulder, wai also appear very plump, fans shout as goddess. In addition to women, the actor is enthusing about it. Jean a simple frog mirror create comfortable type of workplace LOOK, handsome, along with the gender, all show the gentleman charm. See the above introduction, it is not hard to see frog mirror is suitable for all sorts of styles, all sorts of modelling, all sorts of face, both in girls and handsome, don't worry about not take questions. New Year is coming, you also let the frog mirror for you to wear fashion halo! ! ! !
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