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Frog mirror sunglasses factory - — The classic men's sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-20
Sunglasses factory 9001 sunglasses is a retro men's sunglasses. It mainly has a gun color, black, silver and gold 4 kinds of color, each color has its uniqueness. Here, let small make up to give you specific say. Gun color frames with green lens, let your temperament surge. Gun color itself looks like a flash of cold light color black, give a person a kind of elegant feeling, and the dark green lenses can absorb light at the same time, the large degree of increase the green light to reach the glasses, to make the scene we see more real cool. The black frame with dark green lens, let a person look handsome and cool. Wear the glasses, can give a person a kind of sedate and the feeling of restraint, reveal your unique charm. Silver frame with dark green lens is tie-in, give a person a kind of noble feeling. Elegant silver, let the glasses looks simple and luxurious, bring up delicate temperament. Fashionable golden and dark brown lens photograph collocation, all show luxury. Golden frame give a person a kind of feeling, luxurious and dark brown lenses can block smooth shining surface caused by the reflected light, make the wearer to extremely slight place also can see clearly. Such a sunglasses widely popular among motorists, become the driver friend, a necessary thing in the world. In the face of such a great man sunglasses, what are you waiting for?
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