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Frog mirror sunglasses in the classic models

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
Some people say that fashion forever like a wayward child, who also don't know what will be like tomorrow. Some trends will with the passage of time, some trends are precipitation gradually, casting classical. In terms of sunglasses, the frog mirror is various kinds of series of classic style. Whatever sunglasses series product style changes, it seems that each brand will be reserved for frog mirror in his sunglasses category. Such as from the design point of view, regardless of what kind of elements is embodied, but classic models, the iconic double beam let it always be fans is 'frog mirror'. Frog mirror mirror also known as pilot, early is worn by pilots in flight, as a result of its exaggerated modelling are jokingly called frog mirror image. Now, regardless of the star or fashionistas, almost a pair of hands. Handsome and cool, retro, fashion, elegant, can always find these feelings on frog mirror. Once upon a time, frog mirror has always been considered man's exclusive. Now, women wearing the right frog mirror shine continuously, also will be particularly lovely. Glasses sunglasses factory experts remind you: individualizing frog mirror does not suitable to everyone. In general, nose gao ting men wearing effect is better. And small face, high nose bridge pretty women can also try.
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