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From a high quality details of fendi sunglasses, tell you fendi sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
Fendi sunglasses is a to apply aesthetics, luxury, quality perfect sunglasses on the brand, so the fendi sunglasses products to many of the big Hollywood star backpack, fendi sunglasses, of course, not only on aesthetics in place, on the details of processing also let the wearer's bridge of the nose can enjoy comfortable experience to the extreme. Then also let small make up from a high quality details of fendi sunglasses, v. you fendi sunglasses where is good. Recommended reading: temperament is charming is spruce or assault, also depends on women sunglasses and hair style to match the success of a high quality of fendi sunglasses details: the perfect design style, exquisite and unique details of 0. 7 mm super flat metal frame; Die casting process with hollow out design, decorated with pad printing corrugated metal eyebrows decoration pattern; Consistent with eyebrows decoration color pad printing lenses, enhances the corrugated and colour of liquidity, create bright vivid overall feelings; Is only 2 mm of slab lens without thickening design, more light and more feminine flavor; Light and straight single bridge of the nose of the design; Folding stainless steel adjustable nose pads; With FENDI laser etching the logo metal mirror legs. The lateral metal small triangle design at the end of the plastic lens, this is the defining characteristic fendi sunglasses. Recommended reading: popular sunglasses recommend fendi sunglasses good color? Credit, fendi sunglasses on every detail of every pair of small sunglasses will be original and careful handling, will every detail as a work of art to complete. Fashion in the past for the future, the most fendi sunglasses is such a clever sheet is tasted, round modelling is the basis of the attached picture frame with geometric decoration, put in the 1950 s American nifty style back to today's fashion center. Fendi sunglasses each style has a kind of silent rhythm feeling, let see it ponder heart immediately be vividly portrayed, full play heart and old taste, always let a person is so easy to heartache.
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