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From simple glasses watch fashion

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
Since the middle of the 20th century, contracted has prevailing wind, it blows the wind over the clothing, accessories, now again contracted wind burst out of the new light on the glasses. Recommended reading: to compare the contracted a few creative glass frame now contracted, emphasize return to classical regression, and advocating personality freedom. In this regard, Levi 's contracted series is doing very well, 'clear the line of powerful interpretation of comfortable with retro, fashion and lightsome, and with its ultra-thin high density hand plank fusion design aesthetics', brings unparalleled wearing comfort. Main 'hand-made plate style' optical lens will be contracted to do the acme, who still dare to say the symbol of the glasses is just a nerd? Natural and unrestrained line with ultra-thin high density board, durable and not easy to deformation, in the light with a hint of ineffable luxury, to reinterpret the meaning of simplicity, become the sunshine city boy is no longer a dream. Round glasses for contracted painted a layer of nostalgic hippie color restoring ancient ways, its no edges and corners rounded lines of its popular among fashion intellectual youth. What color T-shirt, deep of camel's hair knitwear, glasses on collocation can present different urban style. Tortoise shell mellow feeling also let you have more choices in simple clothing and match. Whether to participate in academic conferences or friends to enjoy this kind of glasses can instantly improve your contracted index, become the icon to the venue with metal hollow out fusion minimalist lines, reflect to vacate the illusion of flight, it is contracted another kind of taste. Tortoise shell of light as if in the night sky fireflies ornament on its leg, the angular frame is build a distinctive intellectual power. Even tie-in stripe T-shirt and a baseball cap, can your personality exhibition at outside, type the accompanying. One can hold the whole autumn glasses, can build on different occasions multivariant style glasses, or rounded edges, otaku hipster or party high coffee can perfectly control the glasses, perfect! 李维's® There's a (simple series Or more) A good fit for you. It have both fashion and practical, in casual between draw the dragon point clear up for you. 吗? 吗?
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