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From the importance of liu watch glasses in the stone

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
Love of children's shoes must know RunningMan, South Korea's national MC liu in stone in addition to be known as 'nataraja Liu He', 'locusts', such as the title, the classic and his glasses, the part of the open hole, it is unforgettable. Great god liu in stone is a hands-on demonstration of the importance of glasses to us. Remember there was a period in the RunningMan, in stone and liu meng the intellectual running man to fly chairs for punishment mora. Has fallen into the water in the stone with his head covered with a towel, liu open hole with deep eyes staring at the running man, while saw him running man exclaimed 'after nearly look really see not bottom go to. 'Even familiar with the members of the intelligence filial piety are devastated, a great god to remove glasses is true appearance levels drop! By contrast, you finally believed! A simple black frame glasses, a great god all did not the same! Liu's demonstration of the great god tell us glasses are really important, he can let us become a completely different person, the feeling of the whole people have changed? Especially folds, small children's shoes can pay attention to my eyes, the glasses is turning artifact! Points minutes artistic temperament, small eyes no longer outstanding! What are we waiting for? Go and glasses, a pair of give it a try!
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