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G - Star RAW launched 2015 series new glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
'Just The Product' for The brand motto G - Dutch fashion jeans brand Star RAW glasses series for the first time in China, with high quality products as the core value, is not to shape an abstract name brand image as a selling point. Brand representative straight cut the lens design ( 直切的概念) Set the fashion element, style bold avant-garde. Ponder dye-in-the-wood screw details, mirror legs outside printed on glasses models more add a industrial design. And trademark is tonal use and with the inspiration of slide fastener hole mirror legs end design, is clever and implement brand insistence of products, innovative design and meticulous detail spirit, highlighting personality taste for the young people of today. Glasses series of men's and women's styles available to choose from. GS111S- DOUBLE RACKLER the Caravan sunglasses style, with a fine metal mirror legs and DOUBLE bridge design, and so in style. And the unique design of denim woven cloth metal edge that hinge on the classic G - Star big screws, and laser marks are clear lens is easy to see, it serves to show the mind of the designer. Series with black, brown, tortoise color, olive and navy blue. GS618S- STEP FAGAN classic cat's eye glasses frame is to deduce, its the upper half of the front frame is designed for smooth surface, and the lower part of dumb smooth design set each other off becomes an interest, extremely rich administrative levels feeling and simple sense. And lens on laser mark, together with the screw elements of the fun and representative of hollow out design, evoke the brand consistent with female beauty. Series with black, black pearl and tortoiseshell.
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