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Gao sun long legs by the netizen on success reducing weight big glasses modified face

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
Previously, gao appearance in Beijing for their own homemade program, 'xiao said' show XiaoSong teacher not only talk about parenting, also talked about his nickname of 'short tight'. When it comes to 'short tight' nickname XiaoSong teacher smiled and said 'now became thin 20 jins, can't use any more later' short tight 'nickname to scold me. 'Later on weibo sending photos to' show off 'their own big long legs. Gao on weibo according drying out success reducing weight and postscript 'in early 2014, height 1. 78 meters, weight 77. 4 kg, again in the future who call me short big me tight? 吗? 吗? Thin 2 kg to you again to see see! 'Once it is issued and received more than twenty thousand god reply in a short time, let the teacher XiaoSong had to sigh with emotion' you these appearance association snob, whether people pay attention to my heart! 'Although gao became thin 20 jins, also use big glasses to modify face, but still will be a net friend's attention to the big face XiaoSong teacher. Some netizens joked 'gao tells us that as long as you have a big face, again how to lose weight is also no use'.
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