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Gary on 'the night of emperor qin, explosive sunglasses and refinement

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
On February 19, 2011 the & # 8220; Emperor qin's night & # 8221; And to hit Asia star during a meeting with Gary as special guests to visit the site, site a sensational, wearing glasses and sunglasses for well experienced Gary say: the & # 8220; After the sunglasses in addition to very handsome and cool, secretly see beauty is not easy to be found. ” Nearly an inter-bank began shooting him, whether it is difficult in the new film of action or martial arts drama is hands-on, strive for his good to present to the audience.
Gary explosive belt glasses to see all the babes.
the & # 8220; Emperor qin's night & # 8221; On February 19, 2011 h hotel in Shanghai, when the host says to the mysterious guests, Gary accident appear to make the venue to orgasm, telling the audience about his thoughts about glasses worn, choose, and I keen to wear glasses as decoration in private. Gary for glasses and sunglasses also has its own wear and tell him the truth, the & # 8220; After the sunglasses not only can let a person become more handsome and cool, and behind sunglasses can also secretly see beauty, but not be found! ”
movie action scenes are himself
golden melody Gary have a good idea of the development of other areas, almost he was making the movie 'river's lake' of director wong jing just new, there are a lot of action and the martial arts drama inside, Gary has said he is himself, almost all the & # 8220; Just want to let the audience see a new Gary, one not only can sing also acting Gary. ” In addition, Gary also revealed that this year will still insist on creation, for the new album this year.
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