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Gd, Lu Han lead demonstration color transparent sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-02
This year the hottest glasses is not black, not mirror ( It was only popular rather than the tide of paragraph) , but the transparent color sunglasses. Color transparent sunglasses for restoring ancient ways is different from futuristic color mirrors, the translucent color sunglasses more restoring ancient ways and fashion. Nature is at the forefront of a fashion stars can't pass this trend, 'colored' were brought up sunglasses. Let gd, Lu Han, top, smile, lay actor led demonstration to show you. Gd cliffs is a trendsetter in trend, he has many such sunglasses. See the sunglasses for the first time feel ugly cry, but then the more see more think fans of the beautiful. Gd oneself like to wear not only, still wearing a T team members. O. P top also wear, two different styles but as handsome! Color transparent sunglasses are worn rule when choosing color transparent sunglasses, wheat color of skin is more suitable for the lens red series, carry bright color of skin effect. Yellow skin is not advised to choose a yellow lenses, white skin is suitable for light color lenses, if the lens color and color contrast is bigger, can let a person look unhealthy. Item recommendation: dark brown lens transparent transparent sunglasses grey lens sunglasses
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