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GENTLE MONSTER: 'inferior sunglasses will cause cataract, cornea injury'

by:Eugenia     2020-08-04
The image of the sunglasses have recently from one of the luxury fashion into a well-deserved summer necessities. Like bracelet or watch accessories purchase various styles of sunglasses with the mood and occasion wear, when buying sunglasses experts have some Suggestions. Images: choose lens data provide GENTLEMONSTER especially in order to avoid the sun, dark sunglasses are not good. Experts advise when choosing sunglasses, especially to see the lens of the UV index. Too dark sunglasses lenses, our eyes will feel environment dark pupils get bigger, if the use is UV block not how good lenses, expose in more ultraviolet light, finally through the lens and retina injury directly cause keratitis and conjunctivitis, serious can lead to diseases such as cataracts and macular disease. So suggest to buy UV protection sunglasses with good effect, check carefully for this UV block index and prevent ShanYan function, etc. UV block index above UV400 best. Buy in stores or citations accurate that can reduce because of the inferior or glass or plastic lens damage. On the SNS, there is a lot of sunglasses sold at very low prices or the source is not clear. Investigation showed that the better circulation channels are not bad product service guarantee or counterfeits behavior. Therefore should identify the official brand product sales outlets to specify sales office and store had to buy. Fake web sites and online is similar to the authentic website, consumers for the most part it is difficult to identify, so must to confirm the corresponding brand STOCKIST ( Quality goods sales outlets) 。 By such fake website, sunglasses brand GENTLE MONSTER, in order to reduce the consumer by fake damage to take measures from many aspects such as operating authentic certification website improved response. Almost is South Korea South Korea glasses brand GENTLE MONSTER of the most popular fashion sheet is tasted, it also has a kind of 'nickname' - — V card. GENTLE MONSTER to the inherent philosophy and value as the center to provide differentiated designs. From unfamiliar material and the design of the original art peaked personality to the product and daily, GENTLE MONSTER, with its unique artistic atmosphere, get more and more attention. GENTLE MONSTER at the end of may to open flagship stores in Beijing, and opened in Hong Kong in early June won the attention of many artists. Is coming in mid-september plans to open a new flagship store in Shanghai huaihai road.
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