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Gentle Monster: recommended tide south Korean brand sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
Today, it is worth to the general men sunglasses brand recommended by the Gentle Monster, with bold design style, bright color of its concept, fashionable avant-courier, deserve to act the role of element and modelling davenport-esque brand personality, conquered countless stars artists and fans in recent years. On September 1, 2016, Gentle Monster in Shanghai huaihai road of China's second flagship store opening ceremony, will again bring about strong fashion storm is inferior to mainland. Why do you say Gentle Monster is the most recommended brand of men's sunglasses? This will also have to speak of from the whole design style of the brand. Gentle Monster design style bold, bright color, but simple, deserve to act the role of element halfback, modelling, personality is distinct, it has been committed to in such aspects as culture, science and technology, the trend to become the leader of the market. 'Innovative high-end test' is a Gentle Monster brand concept, set product, space, style, culture, science and technology the five areas, time conveys a feeling of surprise and move to the rest of the world. In addition, Gentle Monster of every display or the products of each season there will be a theme of art, which makes the customers have a stroll in the choose and buy when the feeling of art exhibition, makes shopping more cheerful and full of surprises. Gentle Monster, always adhere to the unique and reasonable design, special exhibition space, many topics of products, make its and other glasses brand more than different. Summary down is: Gentle Monster sunglasses appearance fashion and easy supplement, sending out the star feel full of ambition, which is the brand worthy of being introduced to the pursuit of fashionable men. Recommend the men sunglasses brands, the following some tips when choosing sunglasses to convey to you. 1, the lens on the UV index. The main function is to keep out the sun glasses, prevent the ultraviolet ray. But it is not the deeper the color of the lens, the stronger the ability to filter the sunlight. In fact, the lens of uv intensity is closely related to the lens material. One of the standard is the UV values. This value represents the lens uv protection function, you can see on the label or the lens sunglasses. Sunglasses UV is the international standard UV400. Second is the color of the sunglasses on myth. Not all colors are suitable for wearing in the sun. Buying sunglasses don't choose the blue lenses like summer, because the blue light wavelength is very short, eye sight minimum in the blue line, see also not very clear. In addition, blue is closest to the color of the ultraviolet ray, as well as uv, adverse to the optic nerve, easy to cause damage to the eyes. The expert points out, dark brown, gray and brown lens is most suitable for wear in the sun. 2, identify the refractive the simplest method. Regular sunglasses belong to light, no degree, so there won't be affect vision optical problems. But some lens refractive overweight, wearing for a long time can make the eye fatigue, eye injuries. To identify whether the lenses have refractive simple method is: put the lens in rocking back and forth in front of him, to see if the object and the lens to move together. If move together, the lens dioptre. 3, had better take the polarized sunglasses when driving. For motorists, choosing sunglasses should not only design fashion, well resist the dazzling sunshine in summer, also does not affect the visual judgement, ensure the safety of driving. To filter the glare of the polarized sunglasses is a good choice for motorists. Polarized glasses biggest role is to a certain extent, eliminate the reflective glass.
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