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Gentle Monster sunglasses how fire

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
If 'the descendants of the sun,' the national husband song joong ki boomed the ray-ban sunglasses, then, 'you from the stars' in thousands of Iraq is glommed on South Korea sunglasses brand Gentle Monster, it is with big star 'thousand praise,' one of the high a sunglasses. Fashion exquisite style, unique design, so that many male god and goddess to it. And with the New York fashion week 2016 spring and summer, Gentle Monster with Tom cross-border cooperation, also successfully make it mounted the stage of fashion week. Exaggerated design, unique shape and big picture frame and V word mark, Gentle Monster rapidly in the world. In addition to being a number of Korean necessary sheet is tasted, even the fan bingbing and other goddesses also became Gentle Monster little fans. Won a vote in the star fan, Gentle Monster began to eye on the European and American market. Show Tome2016 spring and summer, Gentle Monster sunglasses became accessories appear to be above 2016 autumn and winter, the whole show Gentle Monster with Opening taking cooperation, create a retro and avant-garde passion collision.
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