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GENTLE MONSTER sunglasses new - 2017 - FLATBA

by:Eugenia     2020-08-12
GENTLE MONSTER, the new 2017 across the board. Keep constant challenges and innovative fashion sunglasses brand GENTLE MONSTER released 2017 all new products. According to the GENTLE MONSTER, officials said, 2017 SS season on behalf of the keywords is 'capable' and 'simple'. Design is concise and spell able, make sunglasses, will be 2017 exclusive fashion style. 2017 GENTLE MONSTER, which is mainly composed of main series 'FLATBA' brand launched a variety of series, hundreds of new products. Including four working version of the product. As a top priority of main FLATBA series: this series of product design is unique in that instead of traditional way of lens enchase picture frame, using innovative technology, to be close to flat lens completely covered on the frame. Through the technology combine lenses and frames to each FLATBA product has exquisite appearance. Its leg is at the end of the square metal is decorated the entire series of symbolic elements. The GENTLE MONSTER 'FLATBA series is with such a unique design, attract the attention of the fashion world. Perfect combination of the frame and lenses is completely different from ordinary sunglasses, its leg part of metal design. GENTLE MONSTER 2017 SS FLATBA new fashion series, in Korean dramas 'the legend of the sea blue, beautiful mermaid quan zhixian,' ghosts 'in god with his male has to wear a sunglasses, caused quite a buzz. In 2017 at the same time GENTLE MONSTER brand all product adopts popular elements are all the plane of the lens, the 2016 color transparent lens after another abnormality. Now all products can be found in the official website of the world brand flagship store, and South Korea each big department store counters to see. This article from chuanbei online, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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