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GENTLE MONSTER2017 chun xia glasses with strong bully screen of south Korean television dramas

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
If you are the legend of 'blue sea' and 'lonely and glorious god - Ghosts 'refresh, whether you are attracted by the multivariant style quan zhixian, was gong yoo handsome Obama dazzled yuppie temperament, or impressed by two outstanding garment products, this winter have a play with fashion item must have already become the good wish of your heart, and GENTLE MONSTER glasses is alone. Across Asia the goddess of the quan zhixian the with the legend of 'blue ocean' strong back, once broadcast will trigger a chase play frenzy. The goddess plays in the world finally a mermaid, and male leading role of the staged a mysterious mermaid. The whole modelling collocation also is full of new idea of the goddess, all show lively and clever, red hat reveal feminine at the same time show a mermaid princess is clever and temperament, GENTLE new spring and summer MONSTER2017 sunglasses Black Peter S1 has become a highlight in the modelling. GENTLE MONSTER BLACK PETER for the main products in the new 2017 series FLATBA, change the sunglasses a consistent lenses in a way, using a integrated the unique design of the plane of the lens is outstanding brand distinctive design concept. In the recent round of picture frame, highlight the girl gentle and lovely temperament, also with the characters in the play. Black Peter S1 CNY 1610 and another bully screen god as the lonely and brilliant - god Ghosts 'is Jin Enshu by descendants of the sun writer and director lee should be made, the saga has immortality ghosts jinxin and suffering from amnesia hell angel wang yu and the' doomed to death, 'the young girl ChiEnZhuo happened between the story. The tide of the gong yoo handsome yuppie ghost is dressed up, wearing a GENTLE MONSTER SS17 KEY WEST 01 all black sunglasses all show temperament of ghosts, agile dust coat inside a black turtleneck captured countless fans, rapid promotion for a new generation of Korean male god. GENTLE MONSTER SS17 KEY WEST 01 classical heritage for the brand product, the glasses design emphasizes light and comfortable, whether it be in everyday wear or at the end of each big occasion will make you. KEY WEST 01 cny 1, 390, this article from YOKA fashion website, slightly deleted, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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