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German grandfather qiao concave fashion glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Fashion has not only the young people. The street took a subway station in Berlin Germany recently grandpa Krabbenh ft, with fashion and style of the popular network! With delicate small circular frame glasses, wearing a pink bow tie Krabbenh ft that tidal rocks, don't loss to the young man. Not only Krabbenh ft will wear clothes, Krabbenh ft his wife's dress is very tasteful. Krabbenh ft often wore a pair of round glasses and a hat, very elegant gentlemen. Can be seen from the day-to-day dress, he loves the wind of England. Suit vest matchs oxfords, combined with black and white tonal post-processing, Krabbenh ft this picture full of flavor restoring ancient ways. Krabbenh ft this green dress up let he looks very young hale and hearty. At ordinary times like that grabs an eye color, such as pink. For example he pink bow tie and chest towel. Hat, glasses, bow tie is Krabbenh ft in a necessary weapon, also is this a few weapons, let him take a stylish, fashion wear, as young people! Krabbenh ft likes to smile, in front of the camera he slightly a little shy.
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