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Get a pair of suitable for your sunglasses easily through the hot summer

by:Eugenia     2020-08-02
Designer sunglasses, must be able to resist ultraviolet ray? The darker the lenses, can protect your eyes? Everyone should pay attention to, if is not qualified sunglasses, the darker the lenses, instead more damage to the eyes. Because, the pupil will become big in the dark, increase into the eyes of the light, the amount of uv exposure also follow up. Sunglasses factory YC9708 general sunglasses C7 black box silver leg/lens ash ultraviolet ray, refers to the invisible light wavelength is shorter than 400 nm. And uv wavelength long, penetration is stronger, more penetrate into the eye tissue. Daily use of myopia or reading glasses, lens material itself can block ultraviolet, but not complete. Glass lenses, for example, can filter the wavelengths below 290 nm, 290 ~ 400 nm wavelength ultraviolet radiation will penetrate the lens, into the eyes. So, the sun glasses lens material, had better choose or polycarbonate resin. The above two kinds of material, in addition to bruise, suitable for outdoor activities, and the range of ultraviolet ray can pass band than glass. A qualified the sun glasses, however, the most important is that as far as possible to remove the ultraviolet ray. Both resin or polycarbonate lenses, however, are not completely do, still need to do uv radiation treatment. Sunglasses factory YC9712 men sunglasses C1 gun/green when buying sunglasses, sales people will say, 'our sun glasses have UV400 resistance', or point 'UV400' signs in the sun glasses, it really guarantee absolutely anti-ultraviolet function. Only by using spectrum analyzer, can judge of sunglasses filter ultraviolet ray function. At present more feasible method is, please manufacturers provide the factory brand sunglasses spectrum through the graph. Observe the graph on the horizontal axis under 400 nm wavelength, the ratio of longitudinal axis light penetrates the lens, the lower ratio is, the represent the higher the degree of lens block uv rays. Sunglasses, no longer equate dark sunglasses, the lens color is bright, but grey, brown, green tea is now recognized as the most suitable for as the color of the sun glasses lens. Lens color types, determine the proportion of different colors of visible light entering the eye, selectively reduce a certain color or add a color is light. Like coffee, brown, amber and other series of lenses, it's light brown eye effect is best, because the three color is blue, indigo, and purple light penetrates the least, and most can reduce glare. According to statistics, not just under 400 nm wavelength ultraviolet rays can damage eyes, in fact, long-term exposure to somewhere between 400 ~ 550 nm wavelength in the blue, indigo, and purple, three color of visible light can also cause retinal lesions. Because it's light brown series lenses less blue, indigo, purple light penetration, red, yellow light penetration ratio is higher, can make the scene in the red more red, blue, vision is tonal slant red. Ray-ban sunglasses RB8056 men 175/6 q hawksbill green lens is better than dark brown lens distortion, and a little more than the grey lens of the eye function, because it reduces the blue, indigo, purple light penetration, or all the color through the function, both between dark brown, grey lens. Grey lens although there is no special selectivity lower blue, indigo, purple light penetration, but all color is average, watch the scenery less distortion, suitable for outdoor still need keen to master color, like engaged in painting, photography. If it is qualified sunglasses, lens color shades, is decided by the amount of visible light, and in accordance with the individual different needs to choose the lens dark degrees. Lens, the amount of light through the less, vision becomes dark, more suitable for the need for a long time in the outdoor activities. The sun passes overhead, especially at the beach or when driving, can feel the sunshine is eyesight whiting? , asphalt, or it is because the surface plane will reflect the sun's light, such as hood, choose the polarized lenses can reduce the reflected light, only to a certain direction of the light into the eyes, reduce the discomfort of the dazzling light. Wear sun glasses to see things, the image should not be twisted, otherwise Dai Jiu, can make the eye fatigue.
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