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Ghost horse elf wu mo sorrow together pasha all show the multivariant amorous feelings

by:Eugenia     2020-09-06
Music small hag wu mo sorrow always have their own unique insights for fashion, as a pioneer in China's new generation fashion trendsetter her attitude and fashionable taste repeatedly invited to attend the international top fashion event, to reveal their charm of alternative, individual character modelling is amazing. Ghost horse elf wu mo sorrow shock pasha glasses for the first time, global blogger conference on milan Firenze4Ever fashion event. Street snap big strong hit, with pasha glasses, has always been a maverick wu mo sorrow all show the multivariant style, unique temperament and modelling wide recognition. Keep close cooperation with swarovski elements pasha for many years, will be shining diamond elements into the product design, for fashionable women's wear daily ride alone add much expensive, fancy delicate sunglasses is sure for years, have successfully captured the ghost horse elf wu mo sorrow of heart. Pasha keen fashion sense of smell to it in a rapidly changing trend is still the beauty of the unique style, different fashion combination achievements of different progressive lenses, bold use his music talent in the fashion model for wu mo sorrow is spotlighting the pasha glasses full of praise, whether it is nifty and sexy cat-eye frames, dazzle beautiful film lens or exaggerated fishbone eyebrow lens, are extremely fashionable amorous feelings, perfect show ghost horse style. Easily manage all sorts of modelling of wu mo sorrow mood is pasha glasses, popular element and classical design marries pasha firmly grasp the fashion trend, this sentiment retro sunglasses with round box, an English style, wu mo sorrow spirit temperament will manifest. Pasha wonderful interpretation of fashion and deduce, fall in love reading Oriental unique temperament and cultural gene, complementary with high technology, make a hit with the growing popularity of sunglasses. Not only stars can pass the pasha perform different modelling, believe more and more fashionable personage also to reveal personal style, enjoy their own ever-changing fashion life! Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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