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Girls wear frog mirror good-looking?

by:Eugenia     2020-09-01
In the early 80 s, the frog mirror are some fashionable young people essential thing. That time, this kind of things are very few, on market frog mirror mostly from Hong Kong or foreign country, so, can put on a pair of frog mirror street is the avant-garde fashion at the time. Weren't fashion and avant-garde these words, that is much less than the mainstream. Fashion trends seem to enter a cycle, the popular agitation frog mirror always reciprocating cycle. How many years later came a gust of wind restoring ancient ways, to blow us to touch the mind at the moment. In general frog mirror is men's wear, many girls are asking a woman wear a frog mirror very not good-looking? In fact, the girl wearing the right frog mirror, not only feel the shine, will think this girl is special sweet taste. Frog mirror says the pilot mirror again, it is the United States air force necessary money, girls wear up will have a neutral beauty, can strengthen momentum moment, suitable for face width narrow conical face of people wear. The typical frog mirror frame collocation, pink light make-up, just brush in zygomatic slightly on tender cheek is red color, even is a delicate pink lip gloss, in the side is elegant, feminine. Girls actually don't have to be constrained by what kind of sunglasses, be sure to take as long as it is good, wearing comfortable can be oh.
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