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Girls with big pupils are more popular? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-21
A certain beauty contact lens brand conducted an online survey on the relationship between 'wearing beauty contact lenses and popularity'. The target group of this survey is young people in their 20s and 30s living in first-tier cities. A total of 438 people, including men and women, were surveyed for three days. The answer is yes. First of all, we asked questions about the relationship between the size of women's pupils (to be precise, the part called 'eyeball' except for the white part of the eye) and their popularity. Of the 438 people surveyed, 81.7% believed there was a connection between the two. And, when asked if they think women with larger pupils are more attractive, more than 90% of them answered 'yes'. It can be seen that the size of the pupil is closely related to the popularity. Then, when asked if they thought color contact lenses were an important fashion adornment for women's eyes, 68.9%, or about 70% of the people, thought 'it is true.' And the important factor for this result is based on the answer to the first question. For eyes that have not been modified by beauty contact lenses, most people feel that women with large pupils look more energetic and 'vigorous'. In the words of our country, they look bright and energetic vitality. Those who answered 'yes' to the first two questions asked whether they felt that women who wore color contact lenses made their impression on others better. 81.8% of people believe that 'after wearing the lenses, you will leave a deeper impression on others and have a better image'. From the data shown in these survey results, women with large pupils feel more attractive, and the original pupils are not large, but by wearing color lenses to modify the eyes, after the pupils are enlarged, it will also make people more attractive. Lovely impression.
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