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Give children wear sunglasses not just to be cool

by:Eugenia     2020-07-23
Sunglasses for many decorative function is greater than the utility function, this idea can't say wrong, can only say that different needs. But for their children wear sunglasses not just to be cool. Children's eyes is not fully developed, if you don't take good care of them is likely to cause serious damage. Sunglasses is stand in the sun, in addition to block the sun it is another important function of rays. Sun damage to the eyes, mainly from uv and blue light part of the energy is high. Both will cause a lot of damage to the eyes, including, keratitis, cataracts, conjunctival macular and so on. Although most of these are curable, but continuous or repeated damage caused by chronic keratitis may result in permanent eye damage, the damage on the growth and lack of ego to protect consciousness is common in children. Sunglasses factory YC9708 general sunglasses C7 black box silver leg/lenses need to say is, ultraviolet (uv) light source is not only the sky and the sun, on the surface of the surface reflection, torch, camera lights, that kind of salon bask in black box, and the ultraviolet lamp, all of these may hurt eyes. The infamous snow blindness because snow reflects more than 90% uv. The grass is better, sand, stone, the water, will reflect a lot of ultraviolet light. And the children's eyes is more transparent than for adults, ultraviolet ray is easier to reach the retina of the children. Necessary so the child go out to play a pair of sunglasses. But some parents in order to look good for children to choose sunglasses too much consideration is fashionable feeling, or what children like to buy what kind of, this kind of idea is wrong. Because of the high children of lens transparency than adults, means ultraviolet penetration more! If only consider the fashion sense to ignore the quality and function of uv protection, will only cause more damage to children's eyes. The child should buy what kind of sunglasses? 1, buy a regular manufacturers and brands of sunglasses, how much can prevent ultraviolet light will indicate clearly won't deceive people, remember to defend both UVA and UVB rays ( Two of ultraviolet ray, also a UVC got killed by the atmosphere you don't need to worry about) And don't want to save money to buy cheap, it is better to not take; 2, buy right head size, most of the baby just started with sunglasses will not happy, the parents should take good to persuade don't give up, but if the size doesn't fit with the terrible, would be much trouble; 3, it is not easy to buy solid broken resin lenses, what kind of modelling is if exaggerated parts please pay attention to whether there will be easy to eat baby remove cause suffocation; This paper compiled from factories sunglasses glasses, want to know more sunglasses to choose knowledge class reading 'choose the sun glasses, exp 3 action'.
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