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Givenchy Givenchy 2016 chun xia series of glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
Givenchy in creative director Riccardo Tisci release under the strong leadership of the critically acclaimed 2016 spring and summer. New frames and sunglasses series by Italian company Safilo Group manufacturing and distribution, from the bold inspiration in architectural design and high-end materials. Frames are black and white, brown, nude, are reflections of the sun glasses on collocation. At the same time this season in the fashionable series introduces the representative young and frontier RAVE, full-bodied STYLE architecture STYLE, full of Givenchy STYLE ICON and has a classic shape and the details of the STAR, four styles. It is reported, 2016 chun xia series of glasses will be landing in January 2016, Givenchy stores, high-end optical shop and some department store brand stores, stay tuned.
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