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Givenchy Givenchy fashion cool VR glasses series

by:Eugenia     2020-09-05
Come from the PDF haus studio in South Korea under the design direction of givenchy created a series of VR goggles works, inspired by the brand on the material, color and the use of contrast elements such as product features. These glasses to virtual reality and augmented reality combine together, people can experience and enjoy more 'realistic' content, and mobile phones, computers and any other look outdated equipment screen to browse up quite different. Givenchy Givenchy is a fashion brand from France, the original perfume, for its main products, after skincare, make-up and accessories business. It takes the product style of showily elegance is famous in the fashion industry more than 30 years, has been the best fashion. Givenchy 4 g symbol representing the classical ( 上流社会的) , grace, 优雅) , pleasure, 快乐) And Givenchy, this is a French design master Hubert DE Givenchy was founded Givenchy has given brand spirit. Today, although after different designers, but have 4 g of the spirit of Givenchy not changed. More details, click to view: givenchy brand story
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