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Glass frame can also convey the visual culture

by:Eugenia     2020-07-28
Visual culture is a more advanced topic, one of its marked characteristics is to put the non visual things image-narration itself. Understanding of visual culture is more online through historical and academic performance, and small make up think, nothing can convey visual culture, books, movies, or even in the face of the glasses at ordinary times, too. Book is a essential things in our lives, the previous book content may be more dry, more is given priority to with words, but now many popular books is no longer present in the form of simple words, but supplemented with many illustrations. Even science, culture, history and so on is pure text originally of scholarship are also illustrated. Films are no longer in the plot delicate, plump, profound thinking characters for production purposes, more is to look good and efforts to create a visual feast for the audience. Even the glasses can also convey the visual culture. There's a shop named Visual Culture in Hong Kong, has been to fashion life taste, has gathered around the avant-courier of glasses. In the new season, the Visual Culture to continue from across the United States, Japan, Italy, France for glasses meibutsu to port, including Yohji Yamamoto, MOSCOT, BOSTON CLUB and other popular brands, through the different design, craftsmanship reveal personal unique fashion designs.
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