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Glass frame & sunglasses: Korean out necessary sheet is tasted

by:Eugenia     2020-08-01
Hallyu has always been the vane of fashion, many people dressed like stars from South Korea. Today from the exit of the south Korean stars may draw a conclusion, whether beautiful or cool, or didn't wake up in the morning in order to keep out bleary, glasses are a great item! When finished Jin Sibian glass frame Jin Sibian glass frame is no longer synonymous with 'nerd', now many people also love Jin Sibian eyeglass frames was used as decoration, because of the agitation restoring ancient ways is also a lot of tide of male of female pursues. When wearing Jin Sibian glass frame pedantic, has played a very good adornment effect. Glass frame recommendation: CK CK7122 unisex eyeglass frame 210 bronze Ailee cool reflective this big sunglasses Ailee travel today wearing sunglasses collection of two elements: glance round box and trendy elements, restoring ancient ways both blends, present a different effect. Circular frame sunglasses don't pick people, put up a second can become western style, but when choosing sunglasses round box, in addition to the size of the lens, and pay special attention to the color of the frame. Have to choose to suit their skin color, but choose to match your style frame. Bulletproof youth club eyeglass frames & amp; Sunglasses fat eggs members as early in the morning haven't wake up, one by one to come up with their own magic weapon to keep out tired face. Mr Huntsman wearing a mask, plus a random half glasses, cover up the fact that it didn't wake up well, ha ha ha ~ so handsome Jin Najun rapper, of course, also want to choose the item to match, handsome concise dress, black hat, black sunglasses, simple is king. Recommend a sunglasses: sunglasses factory YC3029 unisex sunglass C1 black/lenses grey
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