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Glasses and the story of the stars

by:Eugenia     2020-08-15
Hollywood fashion people and Paris & # 8226; Hilton's good friend nicole & # 8226; In the legendary fashion, revealed a little secret, & # 8220; In a second things improve your fashion degree - — Oh, that is, of course, XXL sunglasses, I even in a gas station bought a pair of $3. ”
for star, be afraid is ten nine stars wear, a don't wear is abnormal. Oversized sunglasses can not only cover star black eye circle, can instantly ascend star quality, its important role, or make the face look smaller, so you can see the Victoria & # 8226; David Beckham always wears a pair of oversized & # 8220; 'Black & # 8221; Tours, gao and the new boyfriend kiss also don't forget to wear her Oakley, it is no wonder that big brands are now fierce glasses advertising, is more profitable than selling selling clothes in the bag.
China star, of course, also love sunglasses, but love was significantly worse than the stars, and the Chinese characteristic extremely, after becoming famous male stars all fell in love with the square plastic glasses, there is no lens.
outstanding representative is sun hong2 lei2, high such as white in the 'mei lanfang' a pair of gold round glasses, and into the 'latent' yu has became an expert glasses, he is said to have in this play to win power with glasses, almost and director, is more obvious, no matter at what kind of public in recent years, his personal assistant moment for him two glasses and a pair of sunglasses, a plastic box, mirror, white green blue black, convenient collocation a variety of clothes.
have the same effect with the male star one, is also has a pair of small eyes of northeast people - — In shenyang, when the Spring Festival gala he niang niang, gaudy, errenzhuan young actors playing wrestling, but the Lantern Festival a pair of white plastic glasses immediately added a few minutes scroll breath for him.
the article title: glasses and the story of stars
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