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Glasses and tide - — See how the female stars wear glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-15
With men of his rimless glasses the tide coming, coming to collect the presents a super lovely Hello Kitty glasses, in my impression, it should be the girl wearing glasses, but I think is wrong, many women often wear this style of the stars by glasses, as they like, say in so many places, under the stars also wants to relax himself, for oneself according to the point of, especially represented by shu qi, can collect the color differences. Other women don't make an exception and, of course. Open taobao, find Hello Kitty glasses, ma's mirror display in front of me, the beloved glasses as the eye, let a person cannot reject, all kinds of situations is exquisite and beautiful, a taobao mall, also in glasses special mark on the graph, 'new product launch, with qi' to attract more new friends, have a look at the price also does not poor, little more than a pair of glasses is in the hundreds. Perhaps, is the value of itself.
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