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Glasses COVE introducing new Boeing sunglasses Roman

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
By south Korean stars and fashionistas like Korea local brand Glasses COVE to launch new products in 2016, the two months earlier than expected. In early October, 2015, Glasses COVE in 2016 listed on the new sunglasses. The new sunglasses from glass coach wu brand founder and designer Han Zhongyuan ( Korean) Exclusive design, the brand began in the United States, New York, the series are in New York in the United States at the beginning of the design, processing production in south Korea, is Made of pure in Chesapeake product Made in Korea. The factory glasses technology developed advanced daegu in South Korea. Raw materials imported from Switzerland. Glasses COVE for the name of the new type Boeing sunglasses of Roman, its raw material is stainless steel ( South Korea) And TR ( Swiss) By Double injection technology and steel combined with plastic processing methods. Only 18 g in weight, than the original brand of 103, 104, 105, 20 to 25 g model is lighter, is a super light sunglasses. And very strong flexibility and elasticity, elastic strength up to 180 degrees. COVE the new Roman sunglasses high elasticity, super light, really not the kui is known as the 'light and comfortable sunglasses in the world'. When it comes to reading to design, stylist says, he advocates view, 'now a lot of sunglasses in pursuit of novel design, there are many strange shapes of sunglasses, but I think from the beginning of sunglasses design - — Boeing sunglasses as the breakthrough point, in the shape of the old design something new. 'So the Glasses COVE Boeing sunglasses Roman was born. The new product has just landed in South Korea and Japan, has started to sell, then log in the Chinese market. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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