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Glasses degree, glasses degree and vision conversion_Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-23
In the physical examination or visual inspection, we can see that the visual acuity displayed at the result of the visual acuity test is a few points or a few tenths, and many people do not understand these expressions. If you don't know what your vision is like, if you want to know it clearly, you need to know the vision chart and the degree corresponding to the vision chart. Let's learn about the degree of glasses, the conversion between the degree of glasses and the vision. The degree of glasses, the conversion of glasses degree and vision is due to the use of the old vision chart and the new vision chart on the vision chart. Therefore, after the vision test, everyone will find that there are two different representation methods, but the essence is still the same, and it can still reflect a situation of vision. Taking normal vision as an example, the vision of the old chart 1.0 is the same as the vision of the new chart 5.0. The new and old vision charts and the degree of glasses can be converted, but the corresponding degree of glasses on this vision chart is not necessarily the degree obtained by optometry. If it is not good, it is necessary to have an optometry to know. The conversion of the old eye chart and the new eye chart and glasses is as follows: 0.1 (the new eye chart 4.0) corresponds to 650 degrees. 0.12(4.1) corresponds to 550-600 degrees, 0.15(4.2) corresponds to 500 degrees, 0.2(4.3) corresponds to 450 degrees, 0.25(4.4) corresponds to 400 degrees, 0.3(4.5) corresponds to 300-350 degrees, 0.4(4.6) corresponds to 250 degrees, 0.5(4.7) corresponds to 200 degrees, 0.6(4.8) corresponds to 150 degrees, 0.8(4.9) corresponds to 100 degrees, and 1.0(5.0) is the standard vision. 1.2 vision is the same as 5.1 vision, 1.5 vision is the same as 5.2 vision, 2.0 vision is the same as 5.3 vision, these are better vision. The new and old eye chart and the degree of myopia are two different concepts. The eye chart reflects a general situation of whether the vision is good or bad to some extent, but it should be noted that even with the same degree, their vision may be different. Because the degree and uncorrected vision are not proportional, for example, someone with 800 degrees of myopia can see 0.12 when looking at the distance chart, while another person with 300 degrees of myopia can only see 0.1 when looking at the distance chart. Therefore, it can be said that there is no absolute relationship between vision and degree. If you want to know clearly how much myopia is, you still need to have an optometry to know.
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